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“The Australian Institute of Property” means The Australian Institute of Property Pty Ltd, PO Box 341 Hamilton Queensland 4007.

“Customer” means the Account holder and/or Cardholder and/or the Student who are jointly and severally liable for all payments, instalments and fees incurred as a result of the Student’s enrolment.


This document describes the Terms and Conditions with regard to the authority granted by the Customer to The Australian Institute of Property to directly debit the nominated bank account or credit or debit card account for all payments, instalments or fees incurred as a result of the Student’s enrolment.


The Customer grants the following authorities to The Australian Institute of Property:

  • the right to withhold, disavow or expunge any qualifications granted that subsequently become related to any payment dispute or default.
  • the authority to directly debit the Customer’s nominated account for the amounts and at the frequency of payments as described on The Australian Institute of Property Enrolment Form.
  • the authority to debit any additional amount in order to clear any payment arrears.
  • the authority, in the event of a default, to immediately notify any debt collection/credit-reporting agency of the default and to immediately add to the outstanding debt an additional fee of 27.5% of the outstanding amount to The Australian Institute of Property’s debt recovery costs.
  • the right of The Australian Institute of Property to nominate a third party to collect any payments and to assign all rights pursuant to the collection of payments without any further consent of the Customer.


The Customer accepts full liability for:

  • paying the amounts in full and at the payment frequency, until all payments, instalments and fees due have been paid in full.
  • the timely availability of clear funds in the nominated account.
  • ensuring that the nominated account is able to accept on-going direct debits.
  • providing The Australian Institute of Property with any new or changed account details.
  • all charges incurred as a result of dishonoured or rejected debits.

The Customer acknowledges that the cancellation of the authority to debit an account shall not terminate nor remove the Customer’s liability to make the payments as agreed.


The Australian Institute of Property shall consider the Customer in default in the event of a breach of any of the agreed payment amounts or frequency arrangements and the subsequent failure to remedy the breach within 30 days. In this event, the entire outstanding balance including any current arrears and the total of any unpaid instalments and payments as well as any additional fees shall be immediately due in full.

The Customer acknowledges and understands that a swift and resolute process of debt collection, including legal action, shall result pursuant to the recovery of the total outstanding debt and also accepts liability for all costs incurred in the execution of the debt collection process.


The Australian Institute of Property may consider, at its sole discretion, a request to change, suspend or cancel the amounts and frequency of the payments. Any request to vary the payments must be requested in writing by the Customer and The Australian Institute of Property shall confirm its acceptance in writing.



I understand and acknowledge that the fees are largely to cover initial enrolment, administration and processing costs and that no refunds can be granted.


I acknowledge that the content of any material to which I am given access, electronic or hardcopy, always remains the property of The Australian Institute of Property or it’s suppliers and providers and is therefore protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.


I declare that my work shall be the product of my own research and my own efforts and if any part of my work results from group training activities then it will represent my equal contribution and participation in those activities.

Note: It is acceptable that your work is sourced from textbooks, the internet, collaboration with other students and advice received from industry experts.


I understand that due to the privacy policy of The Australian Institute of Property, all commercial material submitted for assessment will be disposed of immediately after assessment and can not be returned. Consequently only scanned or copied material should been submitted.



Learner Protection

Learner Protection is of utmost importance to ACBD Pty Ltd.


Should circumstances arise that limit the capacity of ACBD to fulfill its obligations to a Learner for the delivery of training, assessment or the issuing of results then ACBD would arrange for a substitute Registered Training Organisation, with the appropriate accreditation, to provide these services and satisfy the Learner’s requirements. This would be done at no additional cost to the Learner.


An example may include circumstances where ACBD is closed for Christmas holidays and a Learner completes a course and requires results to be issued urgently to gain employment.

Under these circumstances, and with the consent of the Learner, ACBD would handover all enrolment details and assessment material to its substitute RTO, who would then expedite the completion of the assessment process and issue the results directly to the Learner.

Australian Institute of Property is a Trading name of ACBD PTY Ltd RTO No 40908